CGN #12: Rust Audio Special

Dear Rustaceans,

on 2016-11-16 we will have a Rust Audio Special by combining our Rust Cologne meetup with the Open Source Audio Cologne meetup.


  • Requirements of Real-Time Audio Programming by @danielappelt
  • Low Latency Audio Transfer with AES-67¹ and Rust by @masche842
  • open discussion about music, audio software and programming with Rust

You can enjoy some drinks, meet nice people and discuss about Rust and Open Source Audio. Be prepared for an interesting mix of topics from both worlds.

You can register here.

We are looking forward to seeing you. :slight_smile:

Jan-Erik, Pascal, Florian and Colin

IMPORTANT NOTE: This meetup will be held in German - not English - due to joining with the Open Source Audio meetup.

PS: Make sure to also check out our other great Code Sprint Weekend Special three days later from Saturday 2016-11-19 to Sunday 20th.

¹: AES-67 is an open standard for reliable audio data transport with very low latency (real-time). Since its publication in 2013 it has been implemented by many manufacturers but still lacks an open source implementation so far.

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Just an FYI: You don't need to register on or anything, you can also just drop by :slight_smile:

Do you publish the presentations on youtube or other platforms?

@StefanoD: Thanks for your interest. We will likely publish the slides, provided we get the permissions of the presenters. But this time the slides may also be in German. .. We will see. :slight_smile:

I wish, I lived in Germany(