Using rust for audio output


For getting started with Rust I wanted to translate a “Software-synthesizer”-Project written in Java into Rust, since Java isn’t the best choice for real-time applications.

I’m looking for a platform independent way to output a simple sample filled streaming buffer via the default audio device.

The only library I found so far is the OpenAL-binding openal-rs, which seems to be heavily oversized.

Any ideas on this?


Ok, I just found RustAudio, which seems to fit my needs.

Anyway: further recommendations are still welcome :grinning:


Did you already try to search for “sound” or “audio”?


Sorry for my late response.

I failed to build several of the projects found at under Windows.

After The cpal and rodio libraries (audio playback) popping up, I took the challenge again using cpal - it works like a charm!

I think I failed the first time due to my inexperience in the rust ecosystem - that will be fixed in near future :wink: