Big code review: Demo for job application as Rust coder

I have my eye on a new job as a Rust programmer. But because I am self-taught I don't have a degree. To show that I still posses some coding skills I have made a demo-platform.

The platform basically allows users to upload trading algorithms for BTCUSDT coded in Python and track the performance of that algorithm.

This is done by communicating with the Binance API, executing the Python algorithm with PyO3 in a separate process,... I have also made a custom HTTP server for this. Normally I of course would use a framework like Actix but because it is a demo to showcase my understanding of the underlying technology I have implemented it more low-level.

Abilities showcased in the demo:

  • Understanding of HTTP and websockets.
  • Multi-threading.
  • Communicating with API's.
  • Handling streams.
  • Asynchronous programming.
  • IPC-communication (shared memory, Unix sockets)
  • ...

Some images of the platform:

The platform also consists of NodeJS. The code is almost finished and I am now in the process of cleaning it up. I'd like some intermediate feedback on my code so I can implement the suggestions before posting the full demo-platform.

I understand it is a lot of code so I'd already be happy with general points of improvement.

Code: GitHub - NielDuysters/algonline: Demo project voor sollicitatie.

Couple of initial impressions, nitpicks so far I'm afraid.

Let's get some more in the Readme, just a brief explanation of what the project is and where things are implemented. If it's demo-able or testable locally (I hope it is!) some instructions to set up.

You have a few .swp files lying around (maybe just one), get them removed and git ignored.

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I have updated the repository with more details.

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