Slush Pool (Braiins) needs Rust gurus! 🧠 in Prague!

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We need a programmer with multiple (completed) projects in Rust or with a contribution to the language library itself. We appreciate contributions to the async/await parts of Rust (especially to the Tokio framework), and the experience with Rust on small industrial facilities is as welcome as the experience with pure iron.

Our cryptocurrency projects need a good back-end like hell. After all, we handle money and tons of data scattered around the world. So start writing! :love_letter:
We are currently looking for a senior Linux developer with experience with this language.

We are Braiins - a technology-oriented company with flat processes (almost no hierarchy).
Working at Braiins means a lifetime opportunity to participate in the future of bitcoin, so if you are interested in this area, it's a plus :slight_smile: (not a necessity).

The team is currently working on an open-source Linux distribution solution based on OpenWrt / LEDE for the Braiins OS project (

As our new colleague, you would work mainly on Braiins OS (+) and surrounding tools. We do not require specialization in HW.

If you're interested, contact

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If you haven't already posted there, the /r/rust per-release jobs thread is another good place to find rust developers looking for work.

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Just kindly please - Tokio, not Tokyo :wink:


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