Intermediate-level Rust live-coding videos

First, some background: when @aturon posted the Rust 2018 Roadmap RFC back in January, I started thinking about how I might be able to contribute to the goal of “Better serving intermediate Rustaceans”. About a month ago, I found myself wanting a crate for running benchmarks on short-lived clusters of EC2 machines, and I figured that this was as good an opportunity as any, so I asked Rustaceans whether they’d be interested in seeing me make it. The response was pretty positive, so I made a live-coding stream of it. It was quite well-received, so I decided to do a second one (reddit thread) where I covered documentation, API ergonomics, parallel machine setup (rayon), CI, etc., Turns out I really like doing these (and hey, maybe you should make some too)!

And so to the point of this post. I’m planning to do a third (and maybe a short fourth) session this Saturday where we make the whole crate async using tokio/futures. After that though, I’m not entirely sure what project to do next, so I figured I’d solicit some suggestions. In particular, I’m looking for library ideas that are well-scoped (does one or a few things well), relatively independent and widely-applicable (e.g., not “a new Flob for my Gobbing library”), and not too ambitious (“build a new all-operation O(1) datastructure!”). Ideally, the library will also rely on common Rust crates (e.g., futures, clap, rayon, regex, etc.) so that we can showcase and understand those over the course of the videos too. Do any of you have ideas that sound like they fit this description, and that you would like to see covered in a live-coding video (or perhaps just have someone else implement for you :p)?

PS: If you’re interested in these videos, follow me on Twitter or Patreon for announcements. I’m also interested in feedback about the videos I’ve made so far, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail or tweet if you have something to say :slight_smile:


The recording of the third session where we build an asynchronous SSH library on top of thrussh is now up (also on /r/rust)! While I have some ideas for improvements to what we’ve built thus far, and some potential future projects, I’d still like to hear any and all suggestions for other things to cover :smiley: