What's everyone working on this week (23/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Writing a guide for building and deploying Rust lambdas on AWS using my new library rtlambda.

I'm still working up the 0.4 release of flo_draw, and fell down a rabbit hole of support libraries. Main thing I've been building lately is flo_scene, which I'm planning to use as the runtime for both flo_draw and FlowBetween, replacing the ad-hoc thing I built before.

This is a design that uses message passing between components which is usually pretty verbose but flo_binding is built around the idea that mutable state can be a stream and a stream can be mutable state which pretty much obliterates that problem. I've released v2.1 this weeks with the enhancements it needs.

Finally, I found some things i could improve about desync, so I also release v0.8 of that crate. In particular I finally figured out a way to make the lifetimes work properly in the future_sync() function so this now works:

let foo = Desync::new(1);
let mut some_state = false;

foo.future_sync(|value| async move {
    if value > 1 { some_state = true; }

if some_state { /* ... */ }

which is a pretty unique capability for managing data in async code, I think.

I've also been reworking the readmes for the crates so they build up what they do through examples rather than trying to describe what they are.

Writing a long blog post on why I built my startup The Daily Edit around Rust.

Rust seems to have reached that point where there are equal counts of blog posts praising it and criticising it so I thought I'd enter the fray!

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