Rust developers wanted for startup


Early stage startup seeking capable developers:

Our MVP is a network-connected signal generator. We have prototypes built with custom circuits. The stack has been implemented using javascript with a react frontend and node running on a raspberry pi. I’ve begun writing the low level process in rust and wrapped it with JS bindings using neon-bindings. As we grow, we can shed more of the JS and expand the responsibilities of the rust code.

I’m currently raising a pre-seed friends & family round.

The new developer will be a founding member, working on this as a side project, until we raise a subsequent round. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your skills are badly needed to help us realize this big important vision.


Feel free to also post an advertisement to


Looks awesome!

How much time at minimum do you expect for someone to join you?


This is exactly what I was going to ask too.

Also, how competent of a Rust dev they are looking for. I most likely don’t have time to spare but I’m curious nonetheless!


Hi everyone. Thanks for your interest and your replies.

To those who’ve sent me an email, I will get back to you today. Just been traveling.

To answer your questions:

I think 1.5 - 2.5 hours per day on average would be a reasonable amount to hope for. This is accounting for variation between days, and assuming longer hours can be contributed on weekends.

Definitely need one person who’s senior level / advanced. The response to this post has been really encouraging, I’ve received at least three or four emails from people with strong experience, and I’m really excited. So long as we have one person who’s senior level, then I’d be open to intermediates, but no juniors.



I’ll encourage you to post this on as well - just so the community has a single place to search for jobs.