Announcing the user guide for nphysics (pure-rust 2D and 3D physics engine)!

Hi all!

I'm excited to announce the brand new website/user-guide for the nphysics2d and nphysics3d crates: pure-rust 2D and 3D real-time physics engines with rigid bodies and joints! Online wasm-based demos are also provided (see for example the Multibody joints demo).

Feedbacks are welcome, and thank you again for your support!


Holy shit, your project looks awesome!

I've implemented a bit of 3D physics myself, and even though I was working on a simplified (bounding sphere-based) model, it was a hella hard to make it work.

Y'all seem to have gone and implemented the real thing and beyond. I'm excited for whenever I get an excuse to try it :sparkling_heart:

Posting for no reason other than to second the hype.


Dynamics simulation? Pretty legit.