Announcing salva2d and salva3d: fluid simulation in Rust

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the two crates salva2d and salva3d. They implement fluid simulation with two-way coupling with bodies (including multibodies and deformable bodies) from the nphysics physics engine. Right now, the following features are implemented:

  • Pressure resolution based on the Position-Based-Fluids (PBF) method.
  • Viscosity based on the XSPH method.
  • Multi-phase fluids with different densities and viscosity coefficient.
  • Two-way coupling with nphysics: fluids can interact with nphysics' rigid bodies, multibodies, and deformable bodies.

You can also play with it in the 2D WASM version and the
3D WASM version. You can also check out the dedicated website:

More details scan be found on the latest edition of "This Month in Rustsim". A lot of features are still missing but I will be working on them during the next two months.

Thank you all for your feedback and support!


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