This month in rustsim #2

Hello evryone!

I’m thrilled to announce the second issue of “This month in rustsim” which gives an overview about what happened within the rustsim github organization during last month. You will find the November blog post there:

tldr: this last month was mostly about:

  • Our ongoing works on the support for deformable bodies (aka. soft-bodies) on the nphysics crate for real-time physics simulation We have added plasticity as well as 2D support (see videos on the blog-post).
  • We worked on the Cholesky decomposition of sparse matrices for the nalgebra linear-algebra crate.
  • We are seeking help for the addition of the space crate (for spacial data structures) to the rustsim organization. Interested contributors can refer to that issue.

Thank you all for your feedbacks and support!
You are welcome to join us on discord!