36c3 assembly table @ CCC Leipzig

Dear all

I registered the rust assembly again:

I requested 20 seats for now. Last year was 8 and a bit tight at times. Please reply so we can see if that number is reasonable.

Update 2019-12-24: We have been placed. It looks like we will have 20 seats, but we don't know where yet.
Also, here is a general map that might change.

Update 2019-12-25: The map with our location (Halle 2, north side) is public now.

Update 2019-12-26: Look for the magnificent sign


PS: see you at rustfest.eu


I would be honored to sit at the Rusty table :crab:

registering my interest!

I will be there as well.

Thanks for organizing this!

I will be there again. Thank you :slight_smile:

I'll be there for sure :slight_smile:

@dns2utf8 the link isn't available

It works if you remove the trailing slash.

Will be at 36C3 :slight_smile: At least i will visit the Rust assembly!

I'll also be there again. Probably going to bring some blinky embedded rust stuff

I'll be at 36C3 but will be sitting with my Hackerspace Assembly. That said, I'll definitely check by the Rust table as well. :slight_smile:

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