35c3 Rust assembly at CCC Leipzig


Dear all

Until next week one can register an assembly at CCC.
I would like to do so as we did for the last two years.

Who would be there? Currently I am guessing 6 to 8 seats would be enough.u
Update: see our assembly: https://signup.c3assemblies.de/assembly/1d432f75-78f9-405e-9d1b-a2a6b1997df1




Me and one friend would be there for sure!


+1 Will be there


I will certainly stop by


I will be part time


I’ll be there! If anyone wants to learn about lock-free programming, distributed databases, correctness testing or high-performance storage techniques for SSD’s/NVM in Rust, I’d love to teach, and ideally help to grow a few contributors for sled :smiley: Lots to do for all skill levels!

See you folks there!!!


Perfect, I requested 8 seats for now. I think that should be enough since I guess most people will not stay there the whole time.
Or are you planing to make a coding spring?