Yet more opportunities for Rust internships and grants

Hey there. Just yesterday I learned of yet-another potential opportunity for funding research into Rust. There are quite a few routes open to get Rust projects funded this year, and I want to make sure they are visible and people are aware of them. Students with big ideas, there are opportunities here.

The new one I discovered is the Open Source Experiments program, run by the Mozilla Open Innovation team. This program is oriented around research into community building and community engagement, which is something we love! And the Open Innovation team digs Rust, so there is clear opportunity here.

Here are all the other opportunities I'm aware of to secure funding for Rust:

  • Mozilla Research Internships. Internships on the Rust / Servo, and other, teams at Mozilla Research.
  • GSoC. Google Summer of Code. Mozilla usually proposes projects.
  • RGSoC. Rails Girls Summer of Code.
  • MOSS. Mozilla Open Source Support. Strategic funding for critical projects. The "Secure Open Source" fund is interested in Rust.
  • Open Source Experiments. Already mentioned. Research into open source communities.
  • Mozilla Research grants. These are for university research programs.
  • RustBelt formal verification project. Hiring grad students.
  • Plain old Rust jobs. Don't forget that there are regular Rust jobs to apply for. This Week in Rust does a good job of keeping the list up to date.

They key to landing these kinds of things is aligning with the priorities of the decision makers, so I'd suggest that a good strategy to get a leg up on any application is to talk to those people, find out their interests, and work with them to craft a proposal they like.

Most of these links have some sort of guidance about who to contact about project proposals, but if it's not clear feel free to email me ( and I can try to direct you to the right person.


Added RustBelt.