EU grants to finance development of rust

Yesterday, I posted a small call-out on r/rust regarding the opportunities to obtain grants from the EU, in order to fund development of part of rust, its infrastructure or specific projects.

So far, this seem to have stirred quite some interest, but I would like to highlight my post in this forum as well.

Quick summary of the background:

EU spends billions of euros every year on funding various projects. Especially, the Horizon 2020 programme, contains a lot of areas which EU has an interest of funding; Several kind of projects related to improving rust, the rust infrastructure and even commercial programs might qualify for EU-funding.

EU may fund 50-100% of the project's cost, depending on a number of factors. There are opportunities here to get funding, especially in areas related to smart cities, agriculture, medical, IoT and SME.

So far, RustBelt is known to have received funding from the EU. Mozilla is said to have received EU funding for pypy.

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