Survey for Mozilla-sponsored projects


Mozilla is running a world-wide survey related to open source communities in which it is involved as a sponsor or otherwise – and of course, that involves the Rust community too. This survey will help inform Mozilla’s approach to open source in the future. It is not specific to Rust, but it’s important that Mozilla get good feedback from the Rust community in this process.

The survey should take about 10 minutes, and closes on May 15th. You can find it at the following locations:

Survey in English
Encuesta en español
Pesquisa em Português
Umfrage auf Deutsch
Enquête en français
طلب كشف باللغة العربية

The findings will be published once the initial analysis is complete (and will be emailed to you if you indicate your interest when completing the survey); at least some aggregated data will be publicly available. Please visit this page or get in touch to learn about other ways you can follow and participate in this research.