Google Summer of Code 2018


I followed the Google Summer of Code closely this year and I'm planning to apply/participate next year. Originally, I wanted to apply for one of the major Python libraries (matplotlib, numpy, you name it...) since I've got quite some experience there, but since I started learning about Rust a few weeks ago, I imagine that doing a project in Rust would be even more interesting. I've got a pretty solid C++ background and I'm positive that I could get productive in Rust within a month or so.

Now the big question, do you guys know if any organizations related to Rust are going to participate in GSoC next year?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mozilla definitely had some ideas for this year's GSoC (I was partly involved in one of these efforts).
If people step up to be mentors that might very well happen again.
You should definitely reach out to potential mentors to discuss possible topics (it might be a bit early to commit to anything right now though)