Why does section 3 of the 1.6 stable book look more like 1.5's than in the 1.6 beta book?


Not sure if this is an issue, but the 1.6 beta book did not have:

3.1. Guessing Game
3.2. Dining Philosophers
3.3. Rust Inside Other Languages

How the heck did they get in there?


The book gets reorganized sometimes. “Guessing Game” got moved to its own top-level chapter, and the other two were removed for various reasons.

was the PR that implemented this.


I think my misunderstanding is how the beta book becomes the stable book. Was there an explicit merge, or is the old 1.5 book being touted as 1.6?


Every six weeks, nightly becomes beta, beta becomes stable, and stable goes away. This PR landed Jan 5, which means it landed when nightly was 1.7. Then, on Jan 25, nightly became beta, and the old beta became stable. So beta is going to look different from stable until the release of 1.7 stable on March 3.

Does that make sense?


Ah, before Jan 25 I must have been using nightly’s docs. Sorry.