What is the recommended way to submit errata/revision suggestions for rust book/documentations?


I’m reading rust books and occasionally I found typos in the book. Example:

“encompases” should be “encompasses”

How can I make a correction (or at least a suggestion / report) for such cases? Thank you!


I think the best way is to just send the correction as a pull request to the book’s repo, or at least open an issue there.

This one is here: https://github.com/rust-lang/book


Thanks for the reply.

I’m checking the source scripts here:
It doesn’t match what I’m seeing on the rust website. E.g. I didn’t find the aforementioned content:
in the book’s sources.

Am I looking at the right place? Or the book’s content on rust official website is outdated?

Sorry if my questions are nooby. I’m not using GibHub regularly and I’m just wandering around to look for the right source scripts on the GitHub page.


The source indeed is newer than the main book.
The source is rendered as the nightly version here: https://doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/book/ch07-00-managing-growing-projects-with-packages-crates-and-modules.html
Chapter 7 was recently rewritten.
The book should be shipped with each release, thus what you currently see on nightly will eventually become beta, then stable.


I see. Thanks for the reply! I’m curious to ask: what’s the release schedule? Is it weekly or monthly or something else?


Release cycle is six weeks. i.e., lag between nightly and stable is 12-18 weeks.

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Got it. Thanks!