Why Discord as chat platform

why Community - Rust Programming Language mention about discord chat.

we all know that Discord is a proprietary software.

I feel very about this. Please use an open source (free software licensed) software.

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A lot of teams are using rust-lang.zulipchat.com now.

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then Community - Rust Programming Language should mention about it. instead of discord.


The Discord server works very well as a place for people to ask questions and get quick answers. Zulip is a poor place for that kind of question — it's more of a place that many compiler teams use to meet and discuss development on the compiler.

so, is there any free software alternative to discord that is good for this kind of communication ?

That used to be IRC, but Mozilla discontinued its servers, and AFAIK Rust did not follow it to Matrix.

As mentioned in that post, there's also an unofficial ##rust channel on freenode.

The places I am aware of that are good for questions are this forum and discord. I don't know if the freenode channel is active.

The move to Discord was independent of that. Rust has left IRC for the reasons Mozilla cited, but way earlier.

Back then, we evaluated a number of chat platforms and stuck with the one that fit our needs, especially with regards to moderation, most.

Discord has a huge array of moderation features, especially sophisticated things like slow mode, which no FOSS competitors implement. Back when we evaluated chats, Zulip and Matrix were also lacking (properly documented) moderation features. They now have them, which happens to be somewhat of an outcome from those discussions.

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As I recall some of the IRC chat migrated to https://www.oftc.net/, if you prefer to stay on IRC.

why rust doesn't use matrix.
mozilla has it's own matrix server https://chat.mozilla.org/
stated here Matrix - MozillaWiki

What is your motivation for, and agenda in, this series of questions? If Rust were to relocate its two forums, would the history of prior posts also be transferred? Would the forum moderators and the other Rust volunteers who manage these forums be retrained, and compensated for that retraining, just to move to another forum venue? What's the point?


there must me a good way to do this.

what are you talking about?

do you want that rust will use a proprietary software for communication in near future.
moving to a free software needs to be done soon.

What's bad about this?

Discord is used as a chat for asking questions, and none of the information is confidential. It provides good services, and there are quite a few users comfortable with asking questions there. And if you don't personally want to use it, we also have these forums.

I wouldn't trust Discord absolutely, but they still provide a service. What's wrong with using it when that's effective?


The Rust project is not ideologically committed to only use things that are open source. For example, we develop the project on GitHub.

There are good reasons to prefer things that are, but it is only one factor in any given decision about the project.


It's worth noting that this site, users.rust-lang.org, runs discourse.

I think discord is probably used for more real-time conversations than discourse is? Similar to IRC, it's a bit better at tiny, short conversations than a forum.

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I was poking around on Matrix to find some support for a library that I was using, and I came across some Rust channels with messages in them, so, it seems, Matrix is used to some extent.

Here's a link: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#rust:matrix.org

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