Rust slack channel is like being on mute

I would argue that the go community is very active just looking at the gophers channel on slack.
Rust community, please unite!

IRC is not good, really!!!

If you prefer a non-IRC type UI, consider the (unofficial, afaik) rust community discord:

I think there might be some correlation between people interested in close to the metal non gc lang and people who dislike a chat app that consumes a gig of RAM


I use slack for work and other communities. Just got into discord, it is awesome, some rust team members even hang out there. Thanks!

You can use Matrix to get all the features of Slack with an IRC bridge. Just create an account and use their client (there is also a mobile app).

Personally I dislike Slack for open source projects. IRC is way more flexible and straightforward. There is no need to be tied to some closed ecosystem needlessly when IRC has worked since forever.


It’s a shame that Matrix is not more popular. Someone even started a Rust implementation of the server where Rust could have shined (especially since people don’t seem happy with the python one).