Are there any chat platforms written in Rust?

I am curious to know if there are any chatting/messaging platforms written in Rust that can also do calling from desktop?

Define "chat platform". I've written something that could be used for a web-based IRC-style chatroom without too much effort, though that's by no means its intended purpose.

A messenger such as Facebook messenger etc.

Oh ok is there a non IRC-like chatroom though?

What do you mean by that, though? Does it have to have support for dynamic media such as images and hyperlinks? My code could conceivably be used in such a way to support it, though support would realistically be coming from the client (though I suppose that's true no matter what). has some rust libs for matrix

Can your app like save contact information such as other user's IRC contact information


Seems like the project is dead.

It's backed by a database, so yes, it could do so. My system is extremely flexible in its capabilities by design, so as to be broadly applicable.

Is there any specific question you have? Rust is more than capable as a language for something like this. I'll happily answer questions about my specific program in private messages, if you'd like.

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Do you mean client or server?


GNOME's Fractal is a Matrix client written in Rust.

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Discord uses rust:
But not for the whole thing. Only parts of their backend.

Can it do desktop calling?

Do I kneed Gnome installed to use Fractal?

Interesting, but it is not open source unforutnately :frowning:

You can run Fractal as a flatpak, but it is layered on the GNOME platform flatpak.

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I'm not sure what that means. Can you point me to an example IRC client that does this?

Is there a non-IRC client messaging app (kinda like WhatsApp or facebook messneger)?

It would be better pointing to , as, from what I remember, ruma server component was not finished , or is not supported anymore.
Conduit is a matrix home server that does use ruma libraries.


Signal has a few Rust libraries, but I don't know how much those are actually used yet.

Ahoj! Try - It is moving it's core to Rust and probably will continue with oxidation. It integrates in a simple manner with to start an AV call.