What's going on with Actix Web?

The project got shut down by the author, the official GitHub repo was deleted, a bunch of signatures got collected to show support - and that's it?

Last year's opening keynote was started by showing the TechEmpower benchmarks - https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=data-r18 - which Actix dominates, and yet no one even comes forth to recruit new people in order to continue its development?

I personally got interested in Rust after seeing benchmark's results. A ton of people research actix benchmarks, it's a major selling point for language's adoption. Regardless of the author's intentions for the future, isn't Actix Web a bit too important to discard it without a second thought?

And if it's not discarded, what are the plans regarding its future?

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There seems to be some continuation effort at https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/eq4xsu/gauging_interest_in_an_actixweb_and_siblings_fork/. Note: I did not read it.

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Moderation note: Given what has happened, this thread is going to be tightly moderated. Please do not rehash the situation. if you'd like to use this thread to organize future efforts to continue the project in a constructive manner, then that's fine. If you have concerns about moderation, then please email the mods at rust-mods@rust-lang.org.


This is exactly why I started the topic.

It doesn't matter what happened - what matters is what has to happen now, given the situation. There are people, who've relied on AW in production up until now, there will be those, who've only begun to consider it as their main tool, there will be those who'll find Rust after seeing the benchmarks, only to discover that Actix Web, which is at the top of its rankings, is dead for some reason.

If it's true what we write on our web site, that

The Rust programming language has many qualities, but Rust’s greatest strength is the community of people who come together to make working in Rust a rewarding experience.

then we've got to take care of the situation - there's nothing rewarding about writing a couple of condelences notes to the author of one of the most's popular frameworks of our language, instead of getting together and picking it up to carry it forward, where it needs to go.


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