The current status of actix-web?

Hi... Im' fairly new to Rust. It's been 2-3 weeks, so I don't know much about what's going on with the Rust community against the actix-web. I use actix and love it, but why are there so many of articles and videos of people bashing actix-web ?

Such as this article: Actix-web is dead (about unsafe Rust) – DeavidSedice's blog
and this guy : The Downfall of Actix Web - YouTube
and this : A sad day for Rust | Next.js Blog Example with Markdown

As far as I know from that, the actix-web abused the "unsafe" keyword on Rust and created serious vulnerabilities in it. As the community tried to give patches to actix, the maintainer of actix got angry and deleted the repo. Since the main selling point of Rust is security and safety, it's make me wonder how can this happen...

After that debacle, the repo was reinstated. So what's the current status of actix right now ? is it un-recommended for server ?

Volunteers took over project leadership and took steps to reduce the amount of unsafe, see for example the v3.0 release announcement. I'm not familiar enough to have an opinion on if it's recommended or not though.

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My experience so far is that actix generally works fairly well unless you have a tricky bug.

Specifically, if you need multipart support, then perhaps look elsewhere for now because there's an annoying memleak somewhere.
At work there is a crate that uses roughly 400MB for each time it's called. This memleak turns that into a cumulative requirement i.e. after the first call, it permanently consumes 400MB, after the 2nd call 800MB etc.
So that adds up so quickly that it's unusable in production without regularly restarting the server.

I've submitted a bug report about it a while back, but so far it's bupkiss w.r.t. a solution. The maintainers seem to have divested from the issue when they asked for a smaller code snippet where none is possible without losing the essence of the issue, which I explained in the issue but never got a reply for.

In addition I wrote a crate to store server settings in a TOML file, and actix 3.0 changed its data structures to much it not only broke, but seems very difficult to fix.

So in conclusion, it works, right up until the moment that it doesn't. YMMV.

Moderation note: I don't think it's really appropriate to dredge up the past here. Since this thread looks like it's heading towards "let's complain about this project," I'm going to proactively close it.