Use Rust for web development is it true ?!

Hello Guys,
I’m confused. me and my friend want to start a service that can play music in desktop and mobile app and some another platform maybe that back-ended with rust and actix-web. I google it is it good or not and see this videos (one - two ) in youtube. may please help us. is it good to use rust for our service ?! we really love to make it with rust and we care about stability and speed and help to community of rust and right some crates for another rust developer . may please help us . we are new in rust-lang but we have programming background

If you’re looking for how well Rust supports web development you can see .

I’ve written a blog post showing using Rust on the backend for a website with the JavaScript ecosystem on the front end here: Gotham — From Start to Heroku . So I definitely like using Rust for the web, but comparing it to other web languages it is still young and the tools are fewer in number.


Thank you for your reply dear Daniel. then we can use Rust and Actix for our service.
why Stefan Mischook then are not agree with rust for web ? just because it rust is new lang and have not yet third party package ?! If the problem is, well, soon we can (rust community) create a lot of packages (crate) in the various projects we make.

and one more question ! why you use Gotham and not Actix ?!

Actix is an “Actor Framework” where Gotham is a “Web Framework” built on top of Tokio.

Gotham’s design it to be “A flexible web framework that promotes stability, safety, security and speed.” Tokio is a runtime that provides an asynchronous, event driven platform for building fast, reliable, and lightweight network applications.

Actix and Tokio are both similarly a smart designed system for handling applications via the network and async methodologies but they both are not web frameworks.

As for “Stefan Mischook”… what he’s said is largely his opinion. He considers web development in Rust as an “unnecessary re-inventing of the wheel for no apparent reason”. In other words he doesn’t perceive what the advantages are or why people would want to use Rust. So then his opinion is not a well informed one in the perspective of what Rust offers or the motives of those who use it in web applications use it for.

Sure he may have good points on a more ideal web development direction to go on, but that’s switching categories and mindsets. So he’s talking about two seperate things while not considering the first and using the latter subject as if it were a good excuse to dismiss Rust. He has not kept to a focal argument either for or against Rust and has not done it justice.


I found my answer dear Daniel. Really thanks for your time :slight_smile: