Found some previous posts about active-web memory leaks

I have posted some previous posts about memory leaks on Actix-web (I forgot the specific address, but someone did mention memory leaks and the issue of high memory usage after a period of time on Actix-web's GitHub) Issues · actix/actix-web · GitHub +I would like to know if this issue still exists now, and if it does not, do you recommend other secure, reliable, and powerful web frameworks

What is Rust web? What previous posts are you talking about? It's hard to say if an issue that we don't know anything about still exists, don't you think?

Sorry, the description is not very clear. I have edited the post again

I don't know your specific use case, but statistically speaking:

  • I wouldn't be bothered by some posts about memory leak issues, if the vast majority of the users of the framework aren't reporting such issues
  • I wouldn't be bothered by some posts about memory leaks if, most likely, the number of users that your server will be serving will be infinitely less than those from companies actually using it in production

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but one has to be more critical about anything before activating the alarms.

These issues are closed, and there isn't anything alarming in the few open ones.

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