What's everyone working on this week (4/2019)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


Cross post from the reddit thread (is that cool? I hope so)

learn-gfx-hal is the latest and greatest in Learning gfx-hal Technology. Coming to stores near you! This January!

We’ve got it all:

  • An author who has never used the library before he started doing this. I promise to not skip the important details because I don’t even know any.
  • Several assistants who have only slightly more experience than that.
  • Not one but two gfx team members that the author bugs constantly when things go wrong (<3 u termhn and groves).
  • Very, very wordy explanations that go over every little detail so that even beginners can follow along! (Only five lessons and already 20,175 words!)

Covered so far:

  • Opening a Window
  • Turning the stupid thing on enough to clear the screen
  • Drawing that classic “first triangle”
  • A little bit of how to use shaders


I keep on improving my project “Terminal todo list” that uses todo.txt format to keep all items. But I’m extending the original format with time tracking and some other features. Here you can see TTDL in action - GIF image. The image is a bit dated but it shows the basics of how to use the application in terminal(Linux and Windows 7 and above are both supported).


I wrote a tool to watch a directory (and all its subpaths) and run a command on any changes called rgr

I wrote this mainly because my day job is with django and I wanted to run tests continuously when I change code for the TDD cycle.

Admittedly this does roughly the same thing as eintr but I wanted to add watches for directories only if they match the extension I want, eg ignore javascript files in a django project, just watch the directories containing .py files.

It should work for all type of files and commands, not just django.

Still need to add a few features but I have started using it already. Admittedly the readme is sparse and lacks more examples and maybe a demo of how to use it.


This week I will hopefully not be working on Tetra - I got basic sound support implemented over the weekend, so it’s now in a state where I think it has everything you’d need to make a basic 2D game. So this week, I think I’ll be doing that :slight_smile:


Revise my rust knowledge and reading other codes from crates.