What's everyone working on this week (52/2022)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I've been working on a notes app written in GTK. I've settled on calling it Charta. It's a bit strange using GTK in rust, it doesn't feel like it should not work but the folks at gtk-rs have made it really nice to use.

I wrote a bulk of it near the end of the summer but once the semester started I had to put it aside, now that the semester is over I have been able to keep working on it. Unfortunately, me from the summer was being rather silly so the last week was spent rewriting lots of it. This week I finally got bulleted lists working - I know very fancy.


Same as past few weeks. Pure Yaml parser.


Looking at the new versions of old programs (e.g, bat as a modern replacement for cat), I got an idea how I can improve my TTDL - Terminal ToDo List manager(GitHub - VladimirMarkelov/ttdl: TTDL - Terminal Todo List Manager) that works with todo files in todo.txt format(http://todotxt.org/). In the new version(is not published yet to crates.io) the new application output will look this way (the first line is default output, the second line is displayed with syntax highlight enabled --syntax):

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I'll be working on integrating my new, experimental, bones_ecs with the Jumpy game.

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