What's everyone working on this week (33/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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I did a major refactor/rewrite, and now so many of my integration tests are broken. Fixing large numbers of tests and rewriting the testing infrastructure is one of the most painful of the coding experiences, imo.

Been there (several times) :joy: I found the following little blog refreshing: Mostly avoid unit tests

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parsing XML files and writing them to database tables. Was doing it in python initially.

Adding Dynamic Programming in my Rust DSA/CP tutorials.

Continuing with my first Rust project: multi-pattern string search using filtering and implicit bit-parallelism.
Initial goal is to support exact multi-pattern string search, plus limited wild-cards, for searches with up to about 100K patterns. First prototype implementation is still a bit slower than https://crates.io/crates/aho-corasick for up to about 1000 patterns, but is twice as fast for 4000 patterns or more; search time should stays constant for up to 100K patterns.

Playing with doing real-time voxel animation using compute shaders with bevy.

I'm analyzing the "Werewolf Game" project of Doug Hurst for learning Rust concepts. I collect changes in my own fork but it is also for learning purposes.

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bc-web, I wanted to learn about Actix, so I just created a web api that gives the result to a bc equation in the url.

Im starting to learn different methods of compiling to WASM. My first project will be an online, serverless AES encoder using Rust and WASM.

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