What's everyone working on this week (39/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I’m continuing my implementation in Rust of the bytecode compiler interpreter of Crafting Interpreters.

Using Rust felt like cheating when I saw the latest chapter implementing enums in C.

I’m not on par with the released chapters and, after a false start (I was trying to be too close to the original C code) with the implementation of the Pratt Parser for expressions, I’m happy enought with the code I arrived to after a few iterations.

This week I’m going to polish the code a bit and to add some tests.

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Rust versions of the c code in “high performance scientific computing with c”. This week is linear and polynomial interpolation, and extrapolation.

Using new strum magic (#21, #33) to implement stdin driven input in my game.
Was my first time playing with proc macros, syn and quote are amazing!
also, finally I can reason over discriminants sans values

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I’ve started reimplementing a Google play music proxy service in Rust. It involves hyper with lots of futures, as well as a patch adding RSAES-OAEP encryption to ring. This is early stages, so far I can perform a master login.

Code lives here:

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I will continue to work on issue #61 to implement the FourierMaterial for a test scene I’m using in issue #56


I started working on a variable power supply with a stm32f103 as a microcontroller that will handle voltage voltage and current limit selection


i’m working on working my way through ‘rust by example’ documentation, so that I can learn new techniques. Currently trying to calculate pi to a user-specified length :slight_smile:

Now that rust 1.30 is in beta, I’m updating rental to be a full proc-macro instead of the awkward macro-rules/proc-macro hybrid that it is now.


Added a SinglePublisher to flo_stream which sends messages to the first available subscriber (rather than all of them). It combines rather neatly with desync's pipe() function as a way to parallelise work and should come in handy for improving FlowBetween’s rendering pipeline.

Also knocked the kinks out of flo_curve's implementation of the bezier clipping algorithm, so should be able to get the path arithmetic library up and running shortly.

Still fitting work on my roguelike into my free time. I’ve been working through the Specs book and creating prototype implementations of what I foresee to be the hardest parts: integrating a world chunk system with an ECS, and keeping versions of entities’ components so that they can be rewound with certain spells.

I think I have these issues worked out. I don’t have anything cool to show for it yet though.

Thanks, @JeanMertz, for pointing me in the way of Specs!

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Developing a new implementation of tree in trees, which is about to be upgraded to version 0.2.0.
And a new crate for writing html text in rust source code as easy as writing literals while supporting tree structure operations. I do not know who will need this, but just found this idea interesting.

Still working on Rust support for the DW1000/DWM1001. I’ve got reliable two-way communication between modules now, which is a huge step forward.

Next up is implementing a simple autodiscovery feature, so I don’t have to hardcode addresses into my examples. Started implementing the parts of the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer that I need.

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