What's everyone working on this week (48/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Working on two presentations:

  • Rust Closures (overview)
  • Rust Macros (overview -- both declarative and proc macros)

And when those are done, also refactoring the asset storage structure in my game.

I recently changed some more traits to be enums:


Especially integrators and samplers. While first trying to make the compiler happy (again) I noticed that I introduced some new behaviour and had to debug why the resulting images now rendered slightly differently. So I had to go through all 8 integrators and check via test scenes what (and where) went wrong. Should be fixed now ... See details in issue #124

Well I‘m working on a Raspberry Pi bootloader in 64Bit Mode to increase my on device testing throughput while doing embedded baremetal rust on it :slight_smile:
Also all my ruspiro-* crates will get a new version to enable them to be useful in aarch64 build targets on Raspberry Pi... but I‘m sure this will take more than just this week :slight_smile: