What's everyone working on this week (31/2019)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I've made a little utility to check if crates' dependencies are up-to-date. It uses a less sophisticated approach than cargo-outdated, so it's a bit faster and works with complex workspaces which cargo-outdated can't handle.


I'm trying to discover procedural macro through a simple use case: automatically inject a folder's Path in a test that will drop at the end of the test.

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  1. I made my first PR to the rust core: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/63177

  2. A crate to merge AsyncRead and AsyncWrite into single object: https://github.com/MOZGIII/merge-io-rs (needs more documentation)
    Very useful for mocking duplex streams, like TcpStream, at tests.

  3. A crate for HTTP1 CONNECT handshake and handoff: https://github.com/MOZGIII/http-proxy-client-async (not released to crates.io, but I’m already using it in my projects)

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Now that Tokio is starting to move over to std::future and has some level of support for async/await, I'm considering rewriting one of my old F# tutorials using it - would be interesting to compare and contrast the approaches!

I'm also still slowly working towards a WASM-compatible release of Tetra. I hit a bit of a roadblock upon realizing that the current API doesn't make sense in the web world (run is meant to return when the game closes, but you can't block until then in the browser without hanging the page!), so figuring out an interface that feels nice on both platforms is the next step.