What's everyone working on this week (2/2016)?

With the second week of the year coming up, what are you folks up to?

I’m working on a parser for Ethernet, IP, and TCP/UDP packets using nom. I haven’t seen a library that already does this, but if anyone has I’d like to see it.

Writing an idiomatic wrapper for Guile so that I can use it as an embedded scripting language in other projects.

Plugging away at https://github.com/cybergeek94/wingui, hoping to have a working window before long.

Working on performance improvements to the regex crate. I’ve already rewritten the compiler. The next step is implementing byte based matching engines, but it is proving trickier than I thought!


As I’m using the Tundra build system for most of my projects I also come to realize in order to have it things working good for me I need to implement Rust support in it. This issue will be used to track the progress on it. https://github.com/deplinenoise/tundra/issues/261#issuecomment-170520819

While build.rs in Cargo gets you a bit it doesn’t really reach all the way and Cargo doesn’t really indent to replace a regular build system (I want to run things after Cargo is done like package up a build after done etc) This has been asked about before and from what I understand is that Cargo will not add support for “post build” scripts.

Mostly working on my Spinner library, looking for ways to make it better.

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1.6 regressions and website updates, maybe reverting the gold linker patch.

Pushed out New Rustacean e009: Composing a Rustic Tune, which is a deeper dive on traits with a close look at std::iter as an example.

I am also starting plans to add interviews (probably one every four to six weeks) to the show. If people are interested in talking about their experience, they can email me. I’m interested in hearing about people’s experiences in general, but I’m especially interested in hearing from women working in Rust whose voices I can feature.

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I am trying to find new ways of structuring GUI systems.

Extending the ownership model with legal guardians looks like a promising way.

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This week I am busy to bring you-complete-me rust support to atom by improving the atom-youcomplete plugin. It’s a little more involved as I want to get decent test coverage and travis CI into the mix as well.

Wow, have you already used Guile as embedded language in other (open source) projects?

Guile looks nice but it seems everyone today is using Lua instead.

I’m sure Lua is popular, but I would rather use a scheme if I can. After hacking on Guile a bit more it seems like it might be really difficult to distribute the finished application (Guile requires many, many dependencies that are not supplied as part of it, and takes forever to build), although it is an excellent library. There seems to be no existing, up-to-date bindings for Lua either. I’m discovering how little existing support for embedded languages Rust currently has.

This week I’m writing a Lua (5.2) parser with nom, I’ve been experimenting every now and then with Lua+Rust (I currently have a parser I’m not much happy about: luarc, nothing really useful there either). Goal is to have a pure Rust implementation of Lua, but I’m going very very slowly.

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I think I’m going to replace my original need for an embedded language with just writing it in Rust (it’s my favourite language anyway). Since I will need embedded languages in the future though, I am starting a total from-scratch rewrite of seax_scheme using nom, since it’s not actually feature-complete (define doesn’t even work) and I wanted to write a scheme using a virtual machine anyway, so might as well use someone else’s, even if the virtual machine is about as mature as ricotta it’ll still be a better solution than rolling my own.

Please write any updates on your Lua parser on next week’s WEWotW though, I’d be super interested to find out how that’s going.