What's everyone working on this week (11/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

DIY clone of a Tonibox.

to finish rust book chapter 9 and 10 :sweat_smile: rust is my very first low level language. takes time but very enjoyable. :hugs:

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I finished work on the motion control API in Stepper (formerly called Step/Dir) and published a new version.

Now I'm working on an application that uses Stepper to control a stepper motor from the command line (via firmware running on a development board). This will be useful for manual testing of Stepper and will serve as an example of using Stepper in a real application.

I hope I'll finish it this week, because I'll be on vacation for the two weeks after that.

I've been adding texture support to flo_draw, along with clipping paths and dashed line support. There's a new example that shows off the texturing capabilities, which looks like this:

I've got some weird bugs to fix with the dashed lines, which I might look at this week, and I've also got gradient fills to look at, which would finish up the main features I wanted to add for v0.3.

There's also a feature I want to add to flo_curves at some point this week: arbitrary distortion of curves and paths. There's a version of this for the offset function that fits the new curve using the least-mean-square that's waiting to be released, but the general version is useful for FlowBetween and also should make for a good demonstration of an interesting effect that can be achieved with flo_canvas's rendering pipeline.

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