What's everyone working on this week (9/2021)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Working in Generalizing over Generics part 2

I wrapped up the work on RampMaker for now and released version 0.2. I've started integrating that into Step/Dir to create a high-level interface. More refinements are needed, which is what I'm doing this week.

I've been working on the text system for flo_draw: there's now a way to format text that changes styles, and a way to perform layout manually. At the moment it only lays out text on a single line, though that's possibly all that a drawing library should provide (perhaps there room for a text layout library to go alongside it).

I'd like to start in on the texturing system this week: the simplest version of that is probably to implement dash patterns on lines (which can be done via a 1D texture), and then more complicated things: gradient fills and arbitrary bitmap texture fills.

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