What's everyone working on this week (11/2018)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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Still working on the first crates.io release of LPC82x HAL. I finally finished the documentation update and thought that I was going to release today, but hit a last-minute problem. Turns out you can’t release a crate with a [patch] section in Cargo.toml, so I’m going to have to update some dependencies, which comes with further issues that I wanted to postpone until after the initial release.

Not a big deal, overall. It just means the first release will be delayed for a while longer.

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Working on things that will result in command chaining for imag and on imag-calendar (with less progress than I like, TBH - mainly because I’m not quite sure how to design content-refs).

Just finished C/C++ FFI for Zbox this week. Also integrated automake tool chain with Rust cargo tool. Interestingly, now I can use the automake tools to build Rust code! :grinning:

make && make install

Finally finished the minesweaper solver (puzzle on codingame): https://github.com/bajcik/codingame/tree/master/minesweeper.

I was sweating buckets when I was implemented it simply by vectors and indexing.
Next graph-like problem will be hopefully done with RefCell/Rc

Reduce the repo and path base dependencies in diwata
to let people easily build it and try it for themselves.

I forgot that it was still hard for other users to build the project themeselves.


I finally managed to put my game project on github. A current web build can be found here

Currently I focusing on map generation. As land is already procedural generated, resources are the next step.

I need to find a way to implement concurrent data structures ideas faster than they land in my mind or this will not end well.

In meantime, I started a pre-RFC proposing a clarification of the semantics of the unsafe keyword in an abstraction context (unsafe fns, unsafe traits, etc.).

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I finally fixed the problem with bi-directional path tracing and get the first pictures using it:


Here you can see uni-directional path tracing on the left vs. bi-directional path tracing on the right:

Obviously I need to fix the camera rays going through the window (and hitting nothing), but otherwise, the noise level for the same amount of pixel samples goes way down. Render time is about 12 minutes.


My little learning project reached a stage where it's actually usable. I think some parts of the code is super ugly, but hopefully my Rust will get better.


Reading the docs. Finally going to try and see for myself why this language is so loved.

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I’ve got some data structures and unit tests written for my grade book application. I’m also reading Programming Rust.

Porting a simply solar system simulation with graphics from C++ to Rust.
I’ve finished the simulation engine, and now searching a good graphical 2D crate for a oversimply interface.