What tool for creating GUI?


I want to make a simple cross-platform GUI in Rust just to learn the hang of it.
Google gave me a few options like Gtk rs, Azul, Elm, Rust-Qt, Conrod,...

Gtk-rs and Rust-Qt are the ones that sound familiar to me. So I'm thinking about going with Gtk-rs, but a lot of people on the internet dislike that...

So, what is the most modern, supported, and simply best toolkit to create a GUI in Rust in 2020?
And why doesn't Rust have it's own library to create GUI's already? Fully written in Rust?


Rust is a new language with certain challenges that make GUIs in particular difficult, so there aren't any awesome options. Using gtk-rs is not a terrible option: it works, but you have to either use a lot of Rc<RefCell<...>> or message passing, which isn't super pretty.

If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look at areweguiyet.com, which does have some additional overview on the topic.


I should like to point out this very long thread which discusses the variety of options available: Current state of GUI development in Rust?

And FWIW, I do have a latent interest in watching iced mature.


Hi ONiel. Would you be so kind as to give us some feedback when you are done ? I think everybody would be interested in having a real concrete developer opinion

Read about OrbTk next.



I'm currently experimenting with a few options. Will post an update when done. :slight_smile:

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