Please suggest a GUI for Rust

Can you please suggest which GUI to use for rust.

Take a look at

I would generally suggest Tauri as a fully featured, polished, and well designed application framework, using the native os webview, but it really depends on your needs.


You're going to have to be more specific as to your needs. In particular, what platform(s) are you looking to support? If it's only Linux/Unix then Gtk is by far the most fully featured. If you need it to be cross platform, but don't need advanced layout features, then look at one of the immediate mode options. Slint is very promising but requires you to learn a domain specific language for the ui layout, and is not as powerful as Gtk (but probably has better layout options than the immediate mode gui's). If you only need to support Windows, there's a crate that will allow you to call any native Winows api including windowing functions.

There is, frankly, no one best answer.

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I'd like to mention fltk-rs, which works pretty nicely imho.

I think it is not clear whether you want

  • a Rust library for making GUI apps, which is what the other responders are answering, or
  • a GUI for writing Rust, in which case I suppose you mean an IDE.

In the latter case, see, e.g.,


Thanks for all your responses.
I am looking to develop a windows app , so I should include a rust gui library. I already have a VSCode IDE. So will make use of one of the above mentioned libs.

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