Rust and Windows GUI

As a long time (+40 yrs) dev with C type languages I find Rust to be very enthralling and so am seeking a way to move from C# GUI apps to some form of Rust GUI apps. As such, what crates would people recommend for doing GUI work in Windows and why that crate? I know Rust is more a system language but I love the syntax, style, etc. so trying to see if Rust GUI is a good move.


I've used native-windows-gui crate - fairly nice and easy to put together. I stayed in the area of very basic UI elements though, not sure how usable it would be for more elaborate and themed pieces.

At the time of my usage (several months back) crate owner was very responsive and helped me to clarify some questions over github in the process...

(I used it to create a tiny helper app for generating batch of simple DOCX document with filled-in string templates. Very light on features & code sophistication - limited to windows only due to crate selection.)

1 Like is the canonical reference.

I would say at the moment Tauri is the closest to a fully featured cross platform desktop framework, but it does use the system-native browser engine for the UI.

There's plenty of decent-looking bindings, but I can't speak to how well they work when used in Rust.


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