GUI framework for rust



I’m relativ new to rust and try to write a little desktop application with rust. So, for visualisation I’m searching to a gui framework for rust, that operates at linux and windows (if different code neacersary, would be ok).

Someone knows a good gui framework?


My understanding is that there is no a good GUI framework for rust at the moment :frowning:

Though I am a bit excited about by @pcwalton.


There is a list of GUI framework on the Awesome Rust page.

I never touch any of them, but you can take a look.


I heard that the gtk bindings are decent, I like systemd-manager, which uses them to build a graphical manager around systmctl.


i think, EFL is one of the most interesting GUI solutions for rust. it’s a very lightweight and fast solution, used as the native toolkit in Tizen, and it’s accessible by C interfaces. there are some older rust bindings available, but EFL recently got some much more advanced binding and documentation generator (eolian), that could be used for better rust support as well.