What’s everyone working on this week (44/2016)


Whoops… better late than never!

What’s everyone working on this week?

I’m working on my NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generation Month). My code’s novel is pretty awful at the moment. No plot what so ever.


A thrilling read from start to finish, truly a rollercoaster ride of numerical proportions. I loved it about halfway through when I just expected it say Twenty-two, and then it said Twenty-two.

I’m working on my Elasticsearch client as always. The codegen is coming along nicely, it’s finally almost at the point where I can actually start writing it out to source files.


I created a tIDE map representation in Rust, integrated it into my XNB unpacking library, and subsequently created a bare-bones Stardew Valley map viewer through the magic of piston’s libraries. Next comes extracting the tIDE stuff into a separate crate and making the XNB library extensible.


I am trying desperately to get the gSOAP package to add a mode to produce Rust structures from XML Schema Definition files.

What I hope to do is get something working well enough to produce
Structs so that serde-codegen can pick up and go from there.

Then, if this works well enough, run gSOAP --rustflag on the XSD XSDs
themselves and produce a Rust XSD parser.

Probably an insane thing to try…


I’m working on my second small rust project and trying to create an ICMP socket similar to TcpStream/UdpSocket: https://github.com/svartalf/rust-icmp

It is kinda pain since I need to reimplement all wrappers for a setsockopt and other C functions, so I’d just copied few things from the libstd source, because they are private and I have no program access to them. Probably this is a best way for now.
Right now I’m stuck with a windows and mac support, since I have only linux and few different build targets via rustup.


Getting ready to pull the trigger on an enormous rust-openssl release.


I started work on a full stack rust web framework. First time on the list is a cargo like tool for setting up projects and managing builds.


This week I have been working on a distributed web crawler, experimenting with Mioco - co-routines in Rust and a gevent implementation.

I’ve played around with Nutch, Heritrix and some other tools, but they all seem very difficult to install, deploy and configure.


Tokio based asynchronous mysql driver is almost ready. I hope to publish v0.1.0 this week.


I am working on documentation and polishing of acto-rs, I will probably find time to write a few tests too.


I’m learning angular2 to write the web front end for rst, the requirements tracking tool made for developers


Adding improvements to my pet project svgbob (converts ascii diagrams to svg) and spongedown (markdown renderer with svgbob support).


I saw SpongeBob on TWIR, a library I hope to use soon!

One thing that I was wondering if it would be on the road map is the ability to parse custom syntax. I will need to use github-wiki like relative links for my application, which would need a custom parser.


Although I might be able to do that parsing on my own and do the necessary work before putting it through your lib…


There is no roadmap set for svgbob. The library is pretty much done and I intend to have a 1:1 ascii <–> svg approximate look as opposed to ditaa, etc. I guess the lacking part is putting the exhaustive list of ascii text combination and its equivalent svg element. Please file and issue and so I can see if your use case fits into incorporating into the library.


From company experience I know that gSOAP changes its API and internals even in minor releases – so this is not trivial. Good luck and keep posting updates!


In the last weeks, I rebooted my web site using Rust and the iron web framework. It was previously Python/Django-based and complicated, and now much simpler as personal web site code should be.

For the setup, I’m using Ansible to automatically configure the server and upload/build/run the project source.

From that experience, I wrote some new blog posts about Ansible, hacking on Rust error descriptions, strong typing in Rust; and probably more will follow soon.


Finally released Ayzim, my rewrite of the Emscripten asm.js optimizer from C++, which happens to be 2x faster and use 25% of the memory compared to the original.

I can now stop writing Rust and get back to compiling absurdly large projects with Emscripten without swapping out my desktop to disk :slight_smile:

Though wasm is the new hotness, so maybe I need to start looking at that now…


I’m “working on” a Prometheus exporter for my laptop battery info, with an aim to have historical battery data alongside other stats. That way I can replace the constantly-open system monitor or htop, and have more useful information available at the same time.

Quotes around “working on” because so far I’ve been side tracked into small improvements to the Prometheus client library, and hopefully to procinfo.


That’s why I’m hoping to use them just once and be done.

If serde-codegen really does take over as soon as the structs are defined, then I need very little from soap