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I used the prompt to add URLO's isolated browser to my homescreen on my android device some time ago, probably around September/October of last year. It looked fine, until some time today when it became this:
I would like to know:

  • If other people are experiencing this.
  • If other people think this is ugly a disappointing change.
  • If other people are disappointed the logo is not centred in the image.
  • How I can fix this.

I have tried restarting my device, and removing and re-adding the link.

Same here:
I assume, that the favicon has changed or how android/google chrome parses it on the "app"..
I'm also disappointed by the changes.
The "uncenter" effect is not that dramatic for me, since I can't see it on my smartphone. Only in the screenshot + zoom it is visible for me.

I just checked URLO's settings, and we haven't changed anything about the logos :woman_shrugging:

I have both URLO and IRLO on my home screen, and the appearance of the logos are changed to this un-toothed image since few days ago. Not sure the exact date, but the both logo were changed at the same time. Probably it's chrome that "optimized" the svg?

Isn't it just the normal logo cropped by a circle in its presentation on the home screen?

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Most likely culprit to have made some small change.
<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 2.4.0.beta9

Well, thats probably correct. However, then why is the logo not centered?

Maybe putting a transparent border around the logo would help (increasing the icon size with maintaing the size of the rust logo itself)

I searched on Discourse's Discourse and found this post, which led me to Maskable app, which showed the same thing reported here.

So I used Maskable to make an icon that looked better and set the "manifest icon" in both URLO and IRLO. I am seeing the image URL updated in the webmanifest, but I'm not sure how long Android caches the images.


Hey! That worked well! It's larger than it used to be and slightly blue, but I can just get rid of my reference (IRLO) and it'll be fine.

Thanks @carols10cents !

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