Website icon on the top left broken

When I visit the forum, I see a broken image icon on the top left, where I believe the Rust logo used to be. The image is loaded from the following URL, which generates a 404 for me. It seems to have been a user upload; perhaps the upload expired or something.


Indeed – it looked fine until I force-refreshed just now!

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yep can confirm

It’s still not showing up. Is there any @staff who can try to fix it?


Ping @staff :slight_smile:

Same here using the progressive app or whatever it’s called. Thought it was just me.

Still gone – and note the favicon is tied to this too!

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@staff :frowning: image still 404

Looks like it’s back now :tada:

hello! in theory, i should have just fixed it :slight_smile: lemme know if anything is acting weird (plz share browser/device/etc) and i’ll do my best to get it working again <3


@ag_dubs LGTM! Thanks.