Video demoing Rust debugger support in Clion + Rust plugin?

  1. I am currently using IntelliJ community edition (which supoprts Rust plugin but does not support debugging.)

  2. I am deciding whether clion is worth buying.

  3. Question: anyone have a good video of an expert using Clion + Rust + debugging ? I want to get a sense of what is possible.

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I, too, am using IntelliJ CE, but I don’t have the money to even consider buying CLion. Instead, I edit in IntelliJ and debug with VSCode. It works surprisingly well.

Why don’t I just use VSCode, you ask? Well, when I first tried using VSCode, I couldn’t get autocomplete and error highlighting to work. They do now, but I’ve come to like certain features of IntelliJ, such as the editor showing the inferred types and the way autocomplete often correctly guesses which variant I’ll use.


Last I tried it, Rust debugging worked as well in CLion (on x86) as what I was used to in IntelliJ for Java and PyCharm for Python. I thought it was a very nice experience - all the normal debugging options I was used to worked well.

You can try CLion 30 days for free. Why not give it a try and see if you like it?