CLion or Intellij?

Is there any reason to choose CLion over Intellij if the price of the license is not an issue?

Not really. I do all Rust development on Intellij. But you might be interested to know that Rust debugger comes out of the box for Clion. For Intellij it doesnt. To get it on Intellij you'd have to install win32 dev tools.

Use CLion: today it’s a “home IDE” for the Rust plugin (although the original home used to be IDEA). In particular, CLion has better integration with “runtime” tools such as debuggers, profilers and coverage. It’ll also give you C and C++ support, which is useful when you work with mixed Rust/C++ projects or with Rust bindings to C libraries.


It may be a bug or a feature exclusively CLion has, I'm not sure, but with CLion I had no issues with the expand proc macros feature, which I absolutely admire even if it's still experimental, where as with PyCharm Pro this feature never worked for me.


That may be because IIRC macros have never officially been supported in Python. The closest project I've ever seen was one by a 3rd party Chinese developer.

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