Intellij-rust most mature IDE?

I am having a lot of fun learning Rust, but i keep switching editors, trying to find the best fit.

I like Visual Code, but completion and navigation seems spotty, and there are no refactoring, or red errors shown in the editor itself. Intellij-rust is not perfect, but at least it has basic refactoring like Rename and Extract Variable (and coming from C# + Resharper thats hard to get used to living without ). It does not however, seem to support debugging out of the box.

Are there any other IDE's that supports basic refactorings that i need to be aware of?

Neither RustDT or Visual Rust lists refactoring support either (the latter mentions debugging), and SolidOak is Linux/Mac only ( i am on Windows ).

I agree with your sentiment. Having a solid, powerful IDE can make learning a language and new libraries a much more pleasant experience.

As for intellij-rust, it's come a long way in the past year, to the point where the type inference is pretty much spot on in the majority of cases. One big case that isn't covered yet is macros.

It does not however, seem to support debugging out of the box.

As for debugging, it's currently a limitation in intellij-rust but @matklad recently started working on it and even has a prototype that works in CLion.


I did notice that the latest intellij-rust plugin changelog mentions initial debugging support. If they continue like this, they will become the defacto IDE for Rust. I would have preferred Visual Code, but you can't have everything :relaxed:

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