JetBrains IDE support for Rust

For those using JetBrains IDEs for developing Rust codes, are you using IntelliJ IDEA or CLion?


i use it on phpstorm :smiley:

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IntelliJ CE

Android Studio :slight_smile:

Currently using CLion but would love to use a dedicated Rust IDE.

RFearless? It was the best I could come up with. In my defense it was better than Rawfull... oh dear, I'll get me coat.


PyCharm here :slight_smile:
Only thing it's missing is the debugger, which you can get with a paid CLion license.

CLion indeed works quite ok, even the debugger. But the autocompletition is not really good.

Does somebody know how intellij does the autocompletition for GoLand? Is it using a solution intellij developed or is it a common thing like clang completitions for c/c++?

@roflcopter IntelliJ (and other Jetbrains IDEs) has it's own language/parsing framework. You can look at the code yourself:

I do remember @matklad mentioning at one point, they were considering using RLS for certain difficult parsing items, but they recently got macros to work, so I think they probably can use the IntelliJ framework for most/all of it.


I use CLion here. Mostly no complaints though I wish ti was a bit faster on intellisense and type hint population. I went to CLion from IDEA due to the supposed debugging support but on Windows I haven't been able to get that working.

You probably need to use mingw toolchain on windows for debugging: at present, CLion in general does not support WinDBG.

Had the time to test it again on Clion with Tokio after updating the extension..The completiton is actually really good, much better than the last time I tried and much better than the Rust language server in vscode :open_mouth:


I use IntelliJ CE for editing and VS Code for debugging. I started this way because I couldn't get VS Code to properly highlight syntax errors as I typed. That's been fixed, but I've come to like some of the IntelliJ features. For example, inferred types are shown in the editor, and auto complete reorders the items so that the one I want is quite often at the top of the list.


I use pycharms with rust plugin.

I use CLion and it works pretty great, even if not perfect

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Yeah I've heard this. Unfortunately, I will have to switch out some dependencies in order to do this as one of my dependencies (ring I think) doesn't support mingw toolchain. And I've been too lazy to delve into that part of the code base just to allow mingw.

Hello People,

I use Intellij as my main languages are both Java and Python. I'm super new to Rust and fell immediately in love with it's syntax as it is quite more intuitve than C/C++.

I don't have any preferences for a Rust IDE so I'm gonna use the Intellij plugin.

I use it in CLion 2018 and generally it's the closest thing I've gotten on Windows to a normal IDE. I can write code, format it, do code completion, build it and debug it all from the IDE. Installing the plugin is also easy and the only hitch was having to install GNU make into my MingW environment to keep CLion happy. I say 2018 because the Rust support is much more integrated. I will not be surprised if it becomes an out-of-the-box supported language in due course.

That said, sometimes the debugger has a "moment" and doesn't break on the line properly or won't break again if I resume. Inspecting variables also produces some very unpretty values. So it's not perfect but it's still workable.

I use VS code on occasion but it's a mess to set up debugging especially on Windows. My project is also a workspace and so I am awaiting the rust plugin and rls to support workspaces without fiddling or arcane knowledge.

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Hi, been using CLion + Rust plugin for less than a year, mostly on Linux. It's kinda usable, the editor itself is quite good and navigation is mostly reliable. Everything else is a mixed bag. Debugger, compiler error handling, Git support are there but still very clunky. I've used Eclipse (RustDT was great, just got dropped by its author :frowning: ) for many years, with various language plugins, though, and even after many months I still find difficult to adjust to the CLion way.

If intellij-rust auto completion is not really good, then other "IDE" for Rust doesn't have auto completion at all.

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Indeed, compared to clang c/c++ (e.g. in sublime text) or jetbrains java auto completion, RLS completion in VS code is pretty bad. At least with external crates.