Translation of the book of Rust

How can I help translate the book and the section rust, by example: To another language that is not English.

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There are various translation efforts underway for the book-- see the translations label to find the people working on the languages and see the translations appendix for links to the translated text.

If the language you’d like to translate the book to isn’t there, please start your own repository, open an issue on the repo, and include a link to your repository so that we can add it to the translations appendix!

The tool we use to build the book, mdbook, doesn’t have support for building in translations yet, so we’re leaving translations in their own repos at this time. We might merge them in once there’s a better way to display/link/navigate between the translations, but this also gives the advantage that you can manage issues and pull requests for your translation without needing permissions on the main book repo.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about translating the book.

I’m not involved with Rust by Example, but the README links to a few translations. Rust by Example also uses mdbook, so it has the same problem as the book. I’m sure a pull request adding a link to a translation in a new language would be welcome!