Translate the "book" into Chinese

Hello everyone, I’m a rust-lang fan from China, I wonder if you/who can authorize me to translate the book ( into Chinese?

thank you!


It’s great that you’re interested!

The book is open-source and licensed permissively, so you don’t actually need authorisation (as long as you obey the license).

However, before you dive in, @steveklabnik and @brson are looking at ways that this can be done officially/in a structured manner, so it may make sense to either wait for that, or, at least know that there may be some reformatting required in future.

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Thank you for your information huon!

I have open, which already contains a link to a Chinese translation, maybe you’d like to help them out :slight_smile:

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How is the Chinese translation going on now? Completed or still on-going? I might be able to lend a help hand (as a professional linguist) if that’s still relevant…