Documentation in German

Hi there,
I didn’t locate a German version of the documentation. Did anybody put a translation into practice?

If my help in this matter would be appreciated, I would like to become active in translating it into German.

Kind regards


A translation can never be as accurate and current as the original. Therefore most users would probably look up in the english documentation anyway.

In my experience every translation I did was a loss of time, since no-one used it, and the few that did, complained about something not beeing working because they used a newer version then the one used in the translation.

If you want to write a book in german though, feel free to start, I’ll probably buy it.


@sebasmagri is working on creating a localization team soon, discussion here and there’s a pre-RFC linked at the bottom:

I don’t know of anyone working on translating the book into German yet; these are the translation efforts I know about. Right now we’re just linking to the translations in this appendix until mdbook gets a way to integrate translations (which is one of the things the localization team might work on).

If you start a german translation of the book, please open an issue so I can add you to the appendix!


Hi carols10cents,
thank you for the information. I’d like to start a German translation but I don’t have much time actually. I’ll think about it and open an issue when I start this thing

@panicbit and I once translated paths of the original book over at perhaps somebody would like to chime in?

I started translating the 2nd edition a few days ago. Once I’m done translating the first chapter (chapter 2) I’ll open an issue.
If anyone wants to help translating a part, I’d suggest starting with a frozen chapter.
The translation will be available here:

Die gegenwärtige Übersetzung ist leider nicht sonderlich gut und arg unvollständig. Da bleibt nur das englische Original. Insgesamt dürfte es auch noch einige Jahre dauern, bis erste deutsche Seiten zum Programmieren in Rust sowie Lehrbücher erscheinen, ähnlich wie man diese bspw massenhaft zu C oder Java findet. Wenn man bereits Erfahrung mit Systemprogrammiersprachen hat, vor allem C und C++, ist der Einstieg in Rust jedoch recht angenehm. Ich kann hier nur das Buch „Programming Rust – Fast, Safe Systems Development“ empfehlen. Es ist leicht verständlich, auch wenn man jetzt nicht so gut Englisch beherrscht.

In the meantime we were able to translate the book completely. :tada: