How can I help regarding internationalisation and translation of documentation?

Hello everybody.

Following an advice of @TomP I would like to dedicate some resources in “building a localizing dictionary of Rust error message templates together with their translations. And as a next phase from that maybe create a postprocessor for piped Rust compiler output, which could provide a localized translation of those error messages whose templates were in the dictionary (with any other error messages left untranslated)”.

Also I would be more than happy to help translate official documentation and website, but looking at the page contribute translations, there is not much guidance.

On a side note, I would recommend to change “Rust is universal” to something more engaging like “Rust strive to embrace cultural diversity, help us to foster it universally”.

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As I’m making my own research on the topic, I’ll bring some feedback to the question with relevant links:

Questions regarding the development of Rust itself, as opposed to the usage thereof, are best asked in the internals forum instead.

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